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North Dakota Assistive

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A person who is blind using a talking GPS system to navigate while walking.

Applicant Information

The Possibilities Fund was established for the sole purpose of purchasing assistive technology (AT) devices and services for people residing in North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota.

Individuals that are impacted by disability and/or aging often have expenses that are above and beyond what insurance and other funding programs will cover. This fund is intended to be an alternative for those persons who either have no personal resources available, or have been denied or found ineligible for other public or private funding sources to purchase assistive technology.

This program is intended to be a last resort, and cannot supplant other public funding avenues (e.g., vocational rehabilitation or public schools). 


There will be no cap set on the amount that may be requested, but it is expected awards will not exceed $2000. As public or private funds may only cover a portion of AT costs, P4P funds can be used in partnership to close that gap.

The funds awarded are treated as grants and are not expected to be repaid. 

Individuals are not eligible for more than one award in a twelve-month period. 


Any individual who meets all the criteria noted below may apply, or have an application submitted on their behalf:

1. Individual has a documented need for assistive technology.
2. Individual resides in North Dakota or Moorhead, MN.
3. Individual does not qualify for the purchase of AT under other funding programs.
4. Individual makes 150% or below of median income (see application).


Review and Award Process

Only applications that are completed in full will be reviewed. A review panel will meet to review complete applications and make award determinations. Award decision letters will go out to all applicants whose applications were reviewed.

Award payments will be made directly to the vendor, unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise.

Please call the Assistive main office for application forms and questions: 1-800-895-4728.

                                                                       Alternative formats available upon request