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North Dakota Assistive

Assistive Technology Financial Loan

Assistive Technology Financial Loan Program Logo

Assistive's Assistive Technology Financial Loan (ATFL) program offers the people of North Dakota a financing option to help bridge the gap between resources and the need for assistive technology device and service purchases.

What does the ATFL offer?

  • Low-interest loans to make it easier for people with disabilities to get the AT they need
  • Program flexibility to make what may seem out of reach financially affordable
  • Individual consideration if there is a poor credit history
  • Local loan administration by First National Bank and ASSISTIVE

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a person with a disability, a family member, or approved representative of a person with a disability
  • You need to demonstrate the ability to repay a loan
  • The end-user of the AT loan applied for must be a North Dakota resident

What can be purchased?

  • Communication systems
  • Hearing aids and assistive listening devices
  • Assessments
  • Home modifications
  • Computer and disability related software
  • Manual or motorized wheelchairs and scooters
  • Training to use the AT purchased
  • Adapted vehicles
  • Low vision devices
  • Used AT devices

 Please contact ASSISTIVE for an application.

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