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North Dakota Assistive

Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service

Making communication possible for everyone.

Woman using the Captel phone

Are you a North Dakota resident who is having difficulty using the phone because of a disability?

Making and receiving a phone call should be an enjoyable exerience for everyone, yet sometimes a disability can get in the way. The North Dakota Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service (TEDS) helps you by providing equipment to those who have difficulty using a traditional telephone. 

Program Requirements

If you are a North Dakota resident, TEDS is available to you if you meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • You are having difficulty using the telephone because of a severe hearing loss, speech impairment, or physical disability
  • You have applied for or have phone service in your home
  • You are a North Dakota resident age 5 or over
  • You meet income limits (see application)
  • You are certified by a physician, audiologist, hearing instrument specialist, speech language pathologist, or appropriate professional as unable to use a telephone readily purchased from a retail store.

TEDS has a wide variety of equipment that meets the specific needs of each person. Contact us at 800-895-4728 or for more information.

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Assistive contracts with the Aging Services Division, ND Department of Human Services, to provide the TEDS program. This program is funded through a telephone access line surcharge.



TEDS Frequently Asked Questions: Download
Accessible TEDP Application 5-24-18: Download
Large Print TEDP Application 3-18: Download
Fillable-TEDP Application 3-18: Download