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North Dakota Assistive

The Right Device To Help You See

A portable video magnifier.

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with seeing the labels on food packages or medicine bottles? Is it difficult to see the TV or use a computer?

Experiencing vision loss as a result of aging, accident, or genetic condition makes doing everyday tasks more difficult. Routine activities like traveling to work, using a phone, and staying up on current events might be more challenging - but know that all are still possible with the use of assistive technology (AT) like:

  • Portable and desktop magnifiers
  • Text to Speech software
  • Apple and Android mobile technology apps
  • Screen Readers
  • Talking clocks, watches, scales, books, calculators, GPS, etc.,

AT devices to help those with vision loss can be simple, like a liquid sensor to know when your cup is full, or complex, like a screen reading software program, so you can use a computer independently. The means to continue doing the things you love are possible with the right AT, and we are here to help you discover and to use it.  ND Assistive staff can assist you in finding solutions across environments and tasks for you or a loved one with vision loss.

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